• M3D Continues to Support Education

    Posted in News & Announcements, Education on Mar 08, 2018

    M3D has always had strong ties to the Maker Movement. Our founders participated in various competitions at the onset of the Maker Movement in the early 2000’s and their experiences are integral to the founding of M3D. As the first truly plug and play, out of the box, consumer desktop 3D printer, we are proud that the Micro (and now Micro+) have transformed non-makers into Makers. As seen in our recent #madeonamicro competition, we are inspired by their journeys and are humbled by their accomplishments. In that continuing commitment to cultivate tomorrow’s inventors, hackers, creators and Makers, we have created partnerships and programs which facilitate that journey through education and hands-on learning.

  • What Makes M3D Filament So Great?

    Posted in News & Announcements, Cool, M3D Answers, Filament on Feb 01, 2018

    It is a known fact that M3D sells a large variety of filaments, among which are not only our special proprietary formulas like Tough 3D Ink and ABS-R, but also golden standards like PLA. So why buy filaments from M3D, one may ask, when there are so many other generic (and sometimes cheaper) brands? Well, the answer is simple!

  • The M3D Pro Update 7: Updates by Tier, Defer or Ship ASAP, Alphas

    Posted in News & Announcements on Mar 28, 2017

    We have progressed so far since launch and we want to thank you all for your support. There are some 11th hour issues still to be dealt with and we will be going over them below, but with Pros starting to move down the production line, a major milestone has been reached. With the first Alpha units shipping and the first combined tier of Kickstarter and Indiegogo early access surveys going out, we think it’s a moment to savor for a second. We are happy to report that all has been going according to plan, even though there were delays to the original timeline.

  • $199 Backer Rescue

    Posted in News & Announcements, From the CEO on Feb 23, 2017

    We are inviting backers that never got a reward from another creator to join the 3D printing community with a special offer.

  • The M3D Pro Update 6: Progress, Surprises, and Backer Survey

    Posted in News & Announcements on Jan 25, 2017

    We’ve been working hard to collect accurate and detailed information across all of our departments to give you this single January update. We have completed vetting and testing about 95% of the Pro’s components at production volume. The basic Pro firmware and software have been put in place, and we have seen the Pro complete good prints. This may sound simple, but in fact represents the culmination of all of the integration needed between the software, electronics, engineering, sourcing, and assembly teams. We now see that the core Pro engineering and electronics design are fundamentally finalized for full-scale production. This is despite us not having the all-important autocorrection feature enabled yet, which was in the plans to be finished around the time of the market tier release. We believe the Pro results will show themselves at their best in 2-3 months when the printer has most of its systems fully enabled and optimized.

  • The M3D Pro Update 5: Status Update

    Posted in News & Announcements on Nov 30, 2016

    Greetings from the M3D team! We'd like to update everyone on the current status of your M3D Pro. At this time, we have over 110 parts at different stages in the pipeline. ALL of these parts are vetted, are fundamentally working, and are proven to be manufacturable. The majority of parts have been ordered in bulk and a few have already arrived! These parts are ordered in small batches and have to be shipped individually from each supplier. It is very important to us that each and every part is perfect so we can deliver a high quality product to you. We want to deliver the best Pro to everyone and, according to your feedback, that’s what you want too! To be able to do that, we need to get every part made by the manufacturers, rather than hand making them or painting SLS prototypes in house to get them to you sooner. What this means is that you'll be testing a unit that is very close to the final production units.

  • The M3D Pro Update 4: Questionnaire, Highlights, and Exciting News

    Posted in News & Announcements on Oct 25, 2016

    We have been working day and night the past few weeks to bring the Pro to fruition. We have tackled the challenges and made some exciting discoveries. The journey is coming to it's first major milestone as we begin the process of preparing the Early Release Tier. For this to happen, we need to hear from all our backers about their particular needs in a number of areas, including desired filaments with their order, and what colors we will need to stock up on to meet it. We also have many questions about accessories and payment preferences. We want to accommodate as many as possible, so please make sure you fill out our M3D Pro Filament and Accessory Questionnaire.

  • The M3D Pro Update 3: The Final Week

    Posted in News & Announcements on Sep 29, 2016

    As we come to the final hours of the campaign, we want to thank everyone for joining us on this exciting step forward in reliable 3D printing. We are proud, to the best of our knowledge, to be the largest crowdfund for a dedicated 3D printing system in 2016. We would love, in these last few days, to cross the $500,000 mark. Please share this last chance to join the Pro team at the lowest prices and with the earliest delivery. Share our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and tell them about why you joined us. We really want to spread the excitement and special backer prices to as many as we can.

  • The M3D Pro Update 2: Technical

    Posted in News & Announcements on Sep 08, 2016

    This update is for the die-hards, the gear-heads, and the fanatics. Those of you who want to be deeply involved in the project at the finest level and who understand the nitty gritty progress of development for what it is. Sorry if we miss some spelling and grammar this blog will contain events in the design process as they happens and often without the time for careful edits, but rather will give you a play by play of anything that is cool, impressive, or even failing to meet expectations. For those of you just looking to take part in the most reliable consumer friendly printer, don’t worry, you don't need to read any further. Just wait a few months for your awesome printer to be ready.

  • M3D’s Guide to Scaling History’s Most Successful 3D Printing Kickstarter

    Posted in News & Announcements, Cool, Helpful on Aug 31, 2016

    Our Kickstarter campaign was hailed by Guinness World Records as being one of the most successful 3D printing crowdfunding campaigns in history - something we’re extremely grateful to our thousands of backers for helping us accomplish. The purpose of this post is to give fledgling businesses a direct inside view into some of the business decisions that helped us to scale crowdfunding into a sustainable realization.