• Hot Prints for a Cool Summer

    Posted in Cool on Aug 04, 2016

    Hot Prints for a Cool Summer   There’s something about the warmer summer temperatures that makes people inherently want to unwind, not to mention the wonders it does for one’s mood after the harsh throes of winter. Perhaps it’s the increased sun exposure or maybe that the weather allows for the pursuit of people’s outdoor hobbies like gardening, camping and going to the beach. These can all be as stress free as possible (and fun!), while being relatively inexpensive when the necessary tools are printed at home with an M3D Micro 3D printer.   Here are a few ideas to inspire you this summer-   G...

  • M3D's CEO Michael Armani on 3D Printing for Small Business

    Posted in News & Announcements, From the CEO on Aug 01, 2016

    This article is focused on businesses and their leverage of 3D printers. M3D's CEO Michael Armani explains why he believes that small businesses are better poised to leverage 3D printers and how 3D printing could help a business stand apart from its competition. Michael also addresses his customers' success stories, including those utilizing 3D printing for business in prototyping and design work, as well as for customization and unique product offerings. I think this is a great topic. 3D printing was once an expensive and experimental technology, but its use has developed tremendously in the...

  • 7 Times Pop Culture and 3D Printing Collided

    Posted in Cool on Jul 22, 2016

    It’s finally our time. Comic books and sci-fi are now considered mainstream media, and being “geeky” is no longer an undesirable trait. Social media and advancements in technology have allowed fandom to really develop, with fans taking to consumer 3D printers to create objects based on their favorite show, movie or comic. And not only that, but 3D printing has proven to be a perfect medium to immortalize pop culture moments, with the news has also been the basis of some different, and oftentimes hilarious, 3D printer projects. Here are just a few trends in 3D printing that have caught our eyes...

  • Truth: 3D printing is for Anyone

    Posted in Helpful on Jul 06, 2016

      3D printing is a budding technology—not too long ago it was the poster boy for technology on the media hype train. While 3D printing has certainly come a long way from corporate corridors and onto the desktops of budding DIY workshops across the world, it’s not exactly the technology that consumers thought they would be getting from 3D printers. This has resulted in consumer 3D printers not being as widespread as they should be and have prompted consumers to come to terms with the fact that 3d Printers aren’t entirely the “consumer friendly” and “create everything” gadget that they had been...

  • M3D Announces Advanced Pro Printer at CE Week 2016

    Posted in News & Announcements, Press Release on Jun 21, 2016

    M3D Announces Advanced Pro Printer at CE Week 2016 3D Printing Company Releases Feature-packed Printer Aimed at Bridging the Gap between Consumer and Commercial Users NEW YORK (June 21, 2016) – Today, M3D, the leading consumer 3D printer manufacturer, announced the launch of the M3D Pro at CE Week 2016 in New York City. Designed to bridge the gap between consumer and commercial use, the larger, quicker, and more advanced M3D Pro delivers a reliable 3D printing experience derived from a number of innovations leading to new features. The Pro will tout the same ease-of-use and accessibility that has become synonymous with the M3D brand. Professional printers are often priced for more than $1000 while the Pro will be available for an entry-level price of $500 at pre-order.

  • 5 Great Prints from our Users

    Posted in Cool on Jun 09, 2016

    Here at M3D we’ve really been inspired by the work of our users. We love seeing all the great prints that are posted to our forum; they really show how special and unique a community we have using our product. We thought it would be a great idea if we gave some of our favorite prints some much deserved attention and recognition each week with some occasional articles. We thought this would be a fun way to highlight the great things being done with the micro and share the files with everyone.  1. Eiffel Tower MonsieurMM built something truly wonderful with this print, a print that not only des...

  • 10 Best Places to Find 3D Models

    Posted in Helpful on Jun 09, 2016

    As exciting as 3D modeling can get, most 3D printer users have no experience with 3D modeling, itself, through design software. Even those of us who do have a lot of experience with CAD often prefer to just find our files online if we can (which we almost always do). So, in an effort to make our users’ 3D printing experience easier and more enjoyable, we have researched numerous websites with readily available 3D designs and ranked M3D staff's favorites in the list below. Once you have your model, if you are looking for a free, simple solution to work with your 3D models, M3D’s software just m...

  • M3D Unveils “Tough” 3D Printing at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016

    Posted in News & Announcements, Press Release on May 27, 2016

      Extremely durable and flexible materials allow consumers to 3D print truly useful objects LAS VEGAS — JANUARY 6, 2016 — Continuing on its mission to make 3D printing practical and accessible for mainstream consumers, M3D, a tech firm focused on simplifying complex technologies, announces Tough 3D Ink™ and ABS-R™, a new class of materials that’s poised to become the new standard for all filament-based 3D printers. Tough 3D Ink™ offers unprecedented utility for 3D printing due to its strength and controlled amount of rigidity and flexibility, allowing consumers to print longer-lasting objects...